BLTN Documentary "Sharing Experiences"


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Sharing Lives
Anderson Julio, Beth Paugh, Lillian Reeves, Kim Stirling

With little experience, our team set out to make a documentary about the Bread Loaf Teacher Network (BLTN). We jumped right in, filming, cutting, and adding effects. The process took longer than we had ever imagined; the result, an eight-minute video. Along the way, we learned a considerable amount about both filmmaking and working in a team. As teammates, we created a vision from our diverse professional lives. We teach math, media studies, Spanish, and composition to students of all ages and backgrounds in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and South Carolina. While working on the media project in connection with a series of literacy studies across cultures and classrooms, we also began to understand the urgency with which teachers, scholars, and researchers speak about their deep concern for for the current and future welfare of the education system "if we don't teach our students to understand the media in their real world. If the students cannot do this, then they will not develop the skills they need to think critically about them and might accept whatever is fed to them by commercial and corporate interests. In order to engage students in a critical analysis of what they do with their media time, teachers have to reach students on their terms" (Renee Hobbs). As some of our interviewees suggest, it will be the "dynamic networks," such as BLTN, that create spaces where students and teachers alike can address each other and the world "on their own terms" by utilizing new media literacy tools in the classroom. We thought the best way to embark on this project, as teachers and students ourselves, would be to start at the very beginning.

Our documentary aims to demystify the BLTN, and explain how it is enhances the practice for teachers and emboldens the voices of their students. We explore how communities are brought together through the network, and subsequently, how lives are shared.


*I put the two pieces of the BL logo (with the chairs) together and imported it into iPhoto if we still want to use it somewhere. I tried to take the extra quotes that Lillian found and copy them into Anderson's new version (as a new copy, don't worry), but for some reason whenever I copy clips from one to another, they get that black bar on the left, so I had to re-cut identical clips from the main file. This one is saved like Anderson saved his, but I changed it to my name in parenthesis in case you don't like the changes. I put a few of the extra clips in and fixed some of the text. I love the new first slide...can we pull subtitles from that same theme into the rest of the documentary for some unity? (Beth)


Introduction title: A portrait of the Bread Loaf Teacher Network
Documentary title: Sharing experiences
What is BLTN? Descriptions by Lou, Rich, Sandra and Mike
What are the benefits of BLTN for students?
What are the benefits of BLTN for teachers?
What does BLTN for your classroom?
Factual information about BLTN

Background and transitions
Music: For transitions with titles and pictures
One slide showing a student and a teacher working in the computer with qoute by Dixie

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Pictures and/or video of students at Bread Loaf with voice over? (This is just an idea)
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Still shots of participants at end w/ text explaining relationship to BLTN/ABL
Add symetrical stills to mirror those when Lou is talking
Fix music
Photomontage at the end/begining
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make cameo appearances in quotes and photographs? Do we have any other shots from conferences?


The Story Line
Technical Stuff
Possible Quotes, Info, Images